At this time, we are not accepting new singers.  Our director is out on maternity leave raising her babies!  We wish her luck and we will announce when we open again!  

Thank you so much for your interest!!!


At JYC we offer three choirs: the Preparatory Choir, Premier Choir and the Principal Choir.  Singers in the Preparatory Choir are typically between the ages of 4 and 8.  This choir is for younger, inexperienced singers.  The Premier Choir and Principal Choir i are auditioned choirs for singers who are a little older and who are more familiar with singing in a choir.  Singers in the Premier Choir or Principal Choir typically range between the ages of 8 and older.  Singers wishing to audition for the Premier or Principal Choir should email Hillary at  Review our audition requirements and tips below to prepare for your audition!  We've also provided a more detailed description of each group so that you can choose the group that fits you best!

The Preparatory Choir  The Preparatory Choir is for younger, less-experienced singers, and/or singers who do not want to audition, but want to sing in a choir.  This choir will perform at 2 concerts (December & May).  Singers will learn to sing in unison and in 2-parts.  Ages for this group are 4-8. 

The Premier Choir  The Premier Choir is for older, more experienced singers who have to audition to be in the group.  This group is for treble singers (singers with unchanged voices).  This choir will perform more often than the Preparatory Choir and may add more performances throughout the season.  Singers in this group will sing in 2-parts, 3-parts, and possibly 4-parts.  Singers in this group can also sing in the Principal Choir pending admittance through audition.  Ages for this group are 8-18. 

The Principal Choir  The Principal Choir is for older, more experienced singers who have to audition to be in the group, and want to sing in a mixed voice choir.  Singers with changing or changed voices should audition for this choir instead of the Premier Choir.  This choir will do the same performances as the Premier Choir.  Singers in this group will sing in 3-part mixed voicing, SAB, and possibly SATB.  Singers with treble or unchanged voices can sing in this choir, in addition to the Premier Choir pending admittance through audition.  Ages for this group are 8-18. 

Audition Requirements (Premier & Principal Choirs Only)

1.  Singers should be prepared to sing 16 measures (about 30 seconds) of any song of their choice a cappella (without any music in the background).
2.  The director will then take you through various vocal exercises to see how high and low you can sing.
3.  The director will have you sing a very simple song along with accompaniment.
4.  Email the director to set up your audition time at

Audition Tips

  • Relax!

  • We know auditioning can be scary, but keep in mind that the main purpose for the audition is for the director to hear your voice.  The director wants to hear your range, timbre, quality, and type of voice you have.  This helps her to place you on the voice part and in the choir that you shine best!

  • Here are some quick tips to help you have your best audition:

  • Select a song that you love to sing and that you feel your most comfortable self.

  • Practice how you will perform.

  • Sing a little every day–build up your voice muscles.

  • If you know of some vocal warm-ups or vocalizes do them–exercise your voice as high and as low as it will go.  Push yourself past where you feel comfortable, but never so far as to cause physical pain.

  • Sing karaoke. 😃  This helps you to get familiar with singing with accompaniment–you have to rely on yourself and not the singer on the radio to help you.